Pre-Order Joma Balls for 17/18 at Huge Discounts!

Pre Order your 2017/18 footballs from Pro Equip Sport and get huge savings on RRP.

The Joma Dali

Premium grade junior/senior match or training ball available in four different colour options. The Dali is available in size 3, 4 or 5 and is coated in a TPU Foam, this ball will not harden during the colder months of the year. It’s 32 panel ball construction and butyle bladder make it a popular choice for junior clubs, amateur and semi-pro senior teams. RRP is £16.99 per ball.

Pre-order bulk buy options (balls available in boxes of 12)…

Buy up to 36 balls at £9 per ball (£108 per box)

37-48 balls at £7.50 per ball (£90 per box)

49-72 balls at £7 per ball (£84 per box)

Over 72 balls at £6.50 per ball (£78 per box)

The Joma Iceberg

The elite level FIFA quality match ball is used across the globe by semi-professional and professional clubs and leagues. The Iceberg is a football that gives a soft and natural touch made with a 3mm thin PU material, which makes it solid and makes sure it keeps its bounce. Furthermore the ball is made with a classic 32-panel design, which gives a stable and predictable swerve.

In addition the Iceberg football has good air tightness, because of the solid butyl bladder. The ball is FIFA approved and can be used for semi-pro and amateur games, as well as training.The Joma Iceberg football is FIFA Approved and available in Size 5 ONLY. RRP is £26.99 per ball

Pre-order bulk buy options (balls available boxes of 12)…

Buy up to 12 balls at £22.50 per ball

Buy 12-36 balls at £18.50 per ball

Buy over 36 balls at £15.00 per ball

For these exclusive ball offers contact us on or in the office on 0845 226 8260.


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